I need holiday

Oktober 29, 2008 pukul 11:16 am | Ditulis dalam general | 4 Komentar
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Tired, really exhausting this daily activity. i may take a little vocation. yeahh holiday, i need holidays. the beatiful beach atmosphere, surf or sail, walk, golf and explore ancient towns and stately home. wow, so amazing! yes i remember one place that is suitable for my vocation this time “Devon”, In devon i can also exploring the English Countryside. yes right. it’s very perfect!

Yupp, i don’t need panic, because in devon many rent an holiday cottage near dartmoor or i can relax in the south devon cottages. so easy!! Hopefully i can be quiet in the holiday this time.

Yeahh, i’m not patient anymore, playing in the sand beach with my girlfriend, surf, enjoy a good scenery of nature from Private Holiday Cotteges in devon. So sweat! i’m cooming

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  1. Konichiwa,

    holiday ??? Apaan tuch ? Sejenis makanan kah? Wkwkwk…
    Biasalah wong ndeso, jd kg ngerti ingris2an!!

  2. coba aja vacation di Malang bos…

  3. Wah Apa kabar lama tidak mampir ke sini, pas mampir eee… orangnya lagi holiday 🙂

  4. so what are y0u waitin9 foR?

    90 to holiday n0w..
    haepy h0liday….:)

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